The entrepreneurial culture within companies

  • Aug 30, 2019
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  • The entrepreneurial culture within companies

    Culture is one of the major assets any company could have if dealt with probably. The company’s culture reflects many things, values, how employees deal with clients and even how they deal with one another. “Culture is one of the most precious things a company has, so you must work harder on it than anything else.” – Herb Kelleher, Founder, Southwest Airlines. We agreed that culture is a winning playing card in your hand, but why entrepreneurial? You would be surprised to know that fostering a successful entrepreneurial culture starts from day one, in fact, it starts even before that, while screening candidates in the recruitment process. Recruiting employees who can fit within the culture you have in your company is a smart strategy. GOOD LUCK in finding the right ones!

    Why entrepreneurial culture?

    An entrepreneurial culture will defiantly help your business to be in constant growth. This specific culture promotes adapting to surrounding changes and take the privilege of new chances and create new opportunities, which are the secret keys for any frog leaping business.

    So how can you create an entrepreneurial culture? This is the secret guide competitors won’t tell you about.


    • Constructive feedback


    Since entrepreneurship culture is all about striving for development, constructive feedback is a must for such a high purpose. There are so many types of feedback strategies, regular feedback, 360-degree feedback, etc. The most important tips for successful constructive feedback are 1- Focus on behaviors, not the person, 2- Focus on improvements, not judgments and last but not least 3- Keep a good balance between positive and negative feedback. You can use the feedback sandwich technique, where you first give positive feedback, then the negative, and finally give more positive feedback. The thing is no matter which technique you will use for giving your employees proper feedback. You must rest assured that it will support your entrepreneurship culture and will improve the output of your employees.

    • Encourage experiments

    Appreciate trials and minor fails. Encourage your employees to get out of their comfort zone and add new ingredients to their recipe. No one ever reached a different output by applying the same steps over and over again. So, the deal is, you need your business to be unique to outstand among others? You have to encourage new ideas and go after new strategies.

    • Unite their goals with yours

    Why should we hire you? Because I need money to pay my bills. In a world where employees feel like machines, they feel that they don’t have any purpose out of what they are doing but gaining money. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your employees have a personal plan that is aligned with their job. That will create a stone strong sense of ownership for the place and the business. You will be surprised by how much an employee can give to the place if they feel connected to it.

    • Communication, communication, communication

    You might think that communication is something your employees want it is something your employees need. Give your people a chance to get to know one another, at some point, it is healthy for them to see new faces and talk to different minds, this is how communication fosters innovation. Communication doesn’t stop on the employees’ level but you need to communicate with your staff as well. That will make them feel their worth in the place and that their existence in that business does matter.

    Creating an entrepreneurial culture is art. The art of drawing an owl. You know the famous “how to draw an owl” thing? First step: Draw two circles, the second step: draw the rest of the owl. Instead of giving your employees each step they should go through, which by the way kills any means of innovation or creativity. You give them the tools and let them explore instead. Because for any business to develop, it needs different perspectives and mindsets. New ideas to be introduced. The world currently needs more thinkers, not just doers. If you need different mindsets to join your business, just click here.

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    Nariman Mahmoud

    Nariman Mahmoud

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