International Talent Acquisition at a Custom Price for You

We want to keep thing simple – You only pay when you find the right fit for what you’re looking for

As AIESEC is present in over 120 countries and territories, we are looking into setting a fair price depending on each and every one’s reality.

We don't have a fee for opening an opportunity on AIESEC’s platform, you only pay when you decide to bring someone on-board.

After choosing the right candidate, you pay the price depending on:

The type of opportunity you’ve opened

AIESEC defines 3 types of opportunities youth are interested in. Ones that want to volunteer, ones who want to work in a startup and the ones looking for a corporate experience.

The country where you are located

According to each country, prices might differ.
While opening an opportunity you will automatically get affiliated with an AIESEC office closest to you and this will determine the custom fee to you.

Amount of opportunities you plan to open

Prices might vary depending on the number of people you intend to hire. Different countries have different packages for organizations who require more than one intern.

Draft your first opportunity and get the exact price personalized to your needs.


The payment depends on each AIESEC entity but majority accept all major credit cards and (in select countries) direct debit. Physical payment is an option in all AIESEC entities. 

No, you can sign up and open an opportunity for free. Your credit card details will be needed only at the moment in which you found your new hire and we get to the payment stage on the platform. 

Even at that moment you can opt for physical payment and meet with an AIESEC representative if we have an office nearby.

Becoming a global partner would solve your recruitment challenges, giving you multiple added benefits and extra support to ensure you fill your recruitment goals.

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Our prices include

  1. Opening an opportunity to our extensive pool of talent
  2. AIESEC’s support while setting up the opportunity on the platform
  3. Visa/Work permit and arrival support for the selected candidate
  4. Evaluation spaces after receiving your new hire

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t yet support integrations with 3rd party Application Management Services.