How Eaton and AIESEC  are creating young leaders together

  • Jan 23, 2020
  • How Eaton and AIESEC  are creating young leaders together

    One of the biggest power management companies in the world, Eaton Enterprises, together with AIESEC as a global partner, is creating a momentous influence on shaping the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. With a three year partnership that is prosperous to last for long.

    As the partnership starts showing fruits of achievement, Eaton encourages other like-minded organisations to invest in youth leadership development partnerships  for the following reasons:

    • Help foster diversity in the workplace

    So far, 29 interns from AESIEC went through a professional and personal development process at Eaton. Due to AIESEC interns at Eaton, more young female engineers were brought to the engineering worksites, and elsewhere which is leading to a more equal work gender rate. Interns come from diverse nationalities and they bring innovative work approaches to various departments of the company. Eaton is proud of developing AIESEC interns not only during their 6-12 or 18 months internships but also after they are retained to full-time roles. Our most successful interns have also been selected into the Graduate Leadership Development Program, which aims to feed Eaton’s leadership pipeline. 

    • Bring in both for skills and values 

    Some of the mutual reasons for building a partnership were also similar leadership attributes that AIESEC and Eaton share. Eaton empowers young people to be self-aware, solution-oriented, ethical and much more, and it recognizes AIESEC as another great channel for realizing that. 


    • More than just efficiency, impact! 


    Together, Eaton and AIESEC are creating a platform for young people to start and progress further their careers in a highly diverse and skillful working environment such as Eaton. That is how this partnership is creating a forceful positive impact and difference to the world, which is what both Eaton and AIESEC consider to be major elements of their mission and vision. 

    As we strive to create more and more leadership experiences together with our partners, join us, too! 

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